Another worth it eyeliner ‘Nami Double Black Eyeliner’

From my previous reviews, you must have seen other reviews on Nami products, and you know that I loved their cushions. For today I will be trying out their eyeliner, which I am falling in love with too, it’s really worth the price.

This eyeliner claims to be sweatproof, waterproof, and easy to glide. I can hold it comfortably with the non-slip curvy handle that fits perfectly in my hand. The cushion brush-tip is easy to glide and gives off and black even line.

Now let’s test the sweatproof and waterproof properties that the brand claims. I will draw on my hand, the brush is really easy to control and very easy to glide. I personally like the cushion brush-tip more than the regular brush. My mom has even borrowed (stolen) it a few times because it’s so easy to apply. After drawing, I’m spraying mineral water on it until it’s all wet.

Next, rubbing it with full force! And the results? No fading at all, it’s really long lasting.

 I applied a long line to my eyelids and used it to fill my lower eyelashes, excuse me for the beginner’s skills.

For the price, it’s only 149 baht and it’s worth every penny. I can confirm no regrets for buying this product. I’m going to stock up on this before it’s all sold out!

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