NAMI’s brand new product ‘NAMI I'm Fresh Aloe-Lemon Brightening Gel’ that’s worth the price

99.5% cold pressed aloe ‘NAMI I'm Fresh Aloe-Lemon Brightening Gel’, the emergency pack for skin rejuvenation

Let’s talk about this latest eyeliner, so this is how the package look like. I specifically went to 7-11 to look for this...

This series launched 3 new products including AA, BB, and CC.

I’ve finished 4-5 packages of this product. I’m not overstating but this product is a vitamin gel with over 10,000 mcg of vitamin C along with glutathione and vitamin B3. Similar to aloe gel but also helps with skin brightening and fades imperfections such as acne scars, dark spots, and sun-damaged skin.

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