DIY armpit mask to lighten dark armpits for less than 100 baht and in 20 minutes only!

1.CA-R-BON active charcoal carbon that I hated when I was a kid (haha). Can be found at drug stores for 25 baht (10 capsules). We would need only 1-2 capsules.
2. NAMI I’M FRESH LEMON HONEY WHITENING SERUM that helps brighten the skin and contains no paraben, alcohol, and oil. You can get it for 39 baht only.
3. A cup and a brush, or you can use your hand if it works best for you (haha).

I like this product because it’s convenient and it’s better than using just honey. This product has a mixture of lemon, and lemon contains vitamin C which helps brighten the skin. Therefore, if we constantly use it, the honey and lemon would definitely help brighten and moisturize our skin as well as tighten the pores.

Or we can use it directly as a face mask, or mix it with yogurt first then mask, or use it as a scrub, it’s really a multipurpose product!

The gel is clear and yellowish like this.

I mixed it all together. The ratio is 1 package of serum: 2 capsules of CA-R-BON. Just open up the capsule and pour it directly into the serum. Don’t forget to mix properly.

Leave it for 20 minutes, the charcoal will absorb all dirtiness and unwanted smell.

It also cleans and brightens the skin. Like I’ve said before, the honey and lemon help with skin brightening, moisturize our skin, as well as tighten the pores. Let’s see the results after 20 minutes…

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