How To Order

How to order
1. Website
1.1 Select products by clicking “Add to cart”
1.2 Select quantity or click “Continue shopping” to select more products or click “Check out” to proceed to payment
1.3 The system will calculate your order and automatically proceed to payment process

2. Facebook Page:
Please provide product code, price, and quantity of order and follow further instructions.

3. Call center
Please provide product details and price at 02 8060300 from Monday-Friday between 8.00 – 5.00 p.m. (except for lunch breaks, weekends, and holidays) and follow further instructions.

4. Line@ : @nami_wink
Or Click @nami_wink

How to pay

Please transfer to 

Kasikorn Bank : K&B Cosmetic Co.,Ltd.


To inform payment, please provide the following information after payment:

1. Full name

2. Address (Type it yourself, please do not attach picture of address)

3. Telephone number

4. Date, time, and amount transferred

5. Attach proof of payment
Please order through one channel only
·        Call center: 02 8060300, 081 3533800 Monday- Friday between 08.00 – 5.00 p.m. 
·        E-mail :
·        Line ID : @nami_wink
·        Facebook :
·        Inform payment:
Terms of delivery (For website purchase)
·        Free EMS for order over 500 baht
·        EMS: 40 baht or Registered mail: 20 baht for order under 500 baht
·        Cash on delivery (Thailand post) is different from other service providers. Thailand post will issue a receipt for customers to settle at Thailand post branches (as chosen by customers). Fees are shown on Thailand post website. If payment is not settled within the deadline, the order will be returned to the company and the website will reserve the right to the customer’s following orders.
·        Customers will receive the order within 1-2 days after informing payment for EMS, and 3-7 days after informing payment for registered mail.
·        Please provide full name, address, and telephone number with every order
·        For more information please contact our call center at 02 8060300 (Monday – Friday between 09.00 – 5.00 p.m.)
·        or E-mail:
·        Note: for emergencies please contact our call center


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