NAMI I’m Fresh Aloe-Lemon Brightening Gel

This product does not only deliver the rush of moisture with our aloe but also the mixture of lemon helps brighten your skin, reduce red and dark spots, control excess sebum, tighten pores, and refresh the skin. The product is guaranteed to be alcohol-free, paraben-free, and silicone-free and therefore applicable to all skin type including sensitive skins. NAMI I’m Fresh Aloe-Lemon Brightening Gel is another multipurpose gel that’s worth the price.

At the back of the package, there’s 8 easy ways to apply the product during both daytime and nighttime. It can be used under your eyes as an eye cream, refrigerate and apply a thick layer as a mask, apply to acnes or pimples, apply to heal and repair damaged skin caused by sunburns, apply as hand and nails mask, apply after hair removal or wax, or rejuvenates your skin such as elbows and ankles, all benefits in one.

As for the texture, it’s a slightly yellowish gel with beads inside. It has nice and soothing fragrance and gives a refreshing feel. I personally love this smell, it’s refreshing and fast absorbing, perfect for dry skin or for applying before makeup. It also helps makeup last longing, which is another reason to like. Applying after a full day in the sun makes me feel so good, especially in summer season. Using it as a sleeping mask is a must try. Most importantly, I’ve never been allergic to any NAMI products after trying all of them, and I can confirm that this one is really good.

Face will be moistened but not greasy, then the gel gets absorbed almost instantly and you’re ready to apply your next nourishing cream.

Or applying only this gel works too.

You can get it for 49 baht only and it comes in a 30 g. package which is quite big. It would last over a month if you apply to face only, and maybe 2-3 weeks if you apply to whole body. That’s it for today and I’ll be back with more reviews of interesting and worth it products next time. Hope this review was helpful, bye.

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