Nami VitC Gel : multipurpose sachet cream from 7-11

The gel is a soft orange color like this. This brand claims that the ingredient is extracted from Jeju oranges. Let me tell you, this product can be used with the whole body, from head to toe. The product is very mild with no mixture of alcohol, preservatives, or silicones. I have no problem using it even when my skin is pretty sensitive.

The gel is nice and cool, makes me feel hydrated and relaxed immediately after applying. It’s fast absorbing and leaves no greasy feeling. Also, there are orange beads that breaks down and blends with the gel when applied.

I also apply it to my feet because it’s really dry. I usually apply it before bedtime because it doesn’t have the sticky feeling like other foot cream. I’ve always had and will continue to use it, especially as a thick facial mask and around my eyes because it doesn’t burn my eyes at all, very relaxing.

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