KBC91 Nami I’m Fresh Aloe-Lemon Brightening Gel

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Aloe Vera Extract using a cold-extract process, the 99.5% rich Aloe Vera extract maintains all the freshness and effectively nourishes the damaged skin immediately…

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Aloe Vera Extract using a cold-extract process, the 99.5% rich Aloe Vera extract maintains all the freshness and effectively nourishes the damaged skin immediately, restoring your soft moisturized skin and soothing the sun-damaged skin while fading red spots and acne scars.

Lemon Extract gently exfoliates old skin cells, brightens your skin, helps with oil-control, tightens the pores, resulting in a natural smooth and radiant skin.


Usually, I will always have one of this product in my refrigerator. Applying it after refrigerating is super good and refreshing, highly recommended!
By BellArtist
Cr.  รีวิว NAMI เจลอโลสกัดเย็นสารพัดประโยชน์ 8 in 1 #ถูกและดีมากกก

My skin usually gets burned very easily by sunlight. But after using the product, I feel that my skin is less sensitive. I can also use this as an after sun gel.
By Good to Love
Cr.  รีวิว Nami เจลว่านหาง+เลม่อน เหมาะกับหน้าร้อนนี้สุดๆ!

Using this product makes me feel refreshing and relaxing. For whomever that has a dry skin, you must try this product as it will moisturize your skin as well as brighten you skin and fade red spots from acnes.
By Sandsann
Cr.  บำรุงผิวใสเร่งด่วนแบบง่ายๆสไตร์ For Home กับ Nami I’m Fresh

I highly recommend refrigerating this product before using as it is super refreshing.
By  Nutfah
Cr.  กู้ผิวพังกับ Nami I’m Fresh ที่บอกเลยว่าทั้งถูกและดี

It’s a green gel made from aloe vera with a light refreshing fragrance. Personally, I like this formula a lot and use it quite often. It’s a great fit for all skin type including sensitive skin as it does not contain any alcohol, paraben, or silicon ingredients.
By  Mabo
Cr.  รีวิวครีม 2 สูตรดัง !! เจลส้ม+เจลอโล ที่ถูกและดีมาก!

I have been using the aloe-lemon gel every morning and evening. The more I use, the more my skin is moisturized resulting in a soft and glowing skin. The good thing is there’s no fragrance, paraben, or silicon so the product is safe for everyone including sensitive skin. Apply everyday and apply a thick layer for a moisturized skin.
By zvhcroanot
Cr.  ตัวช่วยกู้หน้าโทรมให้เป็นหน้าใส ด้วยงบหลักสิบในเซเว่นอิเลฟเว่น

For anyone who feels their skin is dehydrated, I recommend this product that moisturizes the skin. People with combination skin or oily skin can also use this product. Personally, I recommend applying before a good night sleep will give better results.
By  cktudtu42665
Cr.  (รีวิวเห่อ) แกะของเล่นใหม่! ครีมซองนามิจัมโบ้ เป็นมากกว่าเจลทาหน้า

For those with dry skin, you can apply this before wearing makeup. I like it a lot, especially during summer time like this, applying the gel after a walk in the sun is very refreshing. You can also use it as a sleeping mask. The product is great, I confirm.
By VivienneWonder
Cr.  รีวิว : NAMI I’m Fresh Aloe-Lemon Brightening Gel เจลอโลสกัดเย็นตัวใหม่ล่าสุดที่ถูกและดีจากแบรนด์ NAMI

My secret is I apply Nami aloe vera gel every night to mask under my eyes. If you refrigerate it first before applying, it can also help reduce swelling and makes you feel very refreshing, I really like it.
By  James Badbitch
Cr.  Review : NAMI เจลว่านหางจระเข้สกัดเย็น 99.5% กู้หน้าโทรม ฟื้นฟูผิวอ่อนแอ ผิวแพ้ง่าย | James Badbitch

I really feel that it helps reduce acnes and fade dark spots. Usually, I use the medical acne cream, but I stopped using them and tried this product to see if it really works or not, and it really does.
By  Knack Chira
Cr.  [รีวิว] Nami I’m Fresh สกินแคร์กู้หน้าหมองให้กับมาใสปิ๊ง WOW♥ | Knack Chira

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