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  • ฺButt scrub for brighter skin
  • Groin and underarm scrub
  • Refreshing fragrance
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Foaming and refreshing peach fragrance scrub soap for body, butt, groin, and underarm cleansing. Together with apricot seed shell scrub beads that gently exfoliate dead skin cells. The scrub soap is filled with Korean peach extract, glutathione, and collagen that helps enhance efficiency and reduce dark spots, resulting in smooth, moisturized, and bright skin from first use.


I rubbed the soap with my hands and it helps remove scurf and dead skin cells very well. After using it for 2-3 times, I noticed my elbow becoming softer and brighter, I’m very satisfied with the results.
By Knack Chira
More : https://youtu.be/mwSUXrc1caU

After using the product, I instantly feel my skin becoming softer, smoother, and moisted. The soap also leaves a nice scent and brightens the skin after using regularly.
By Korykoi
More : https://www.jeban.com/topic/318801

The perfect product for a rushed lifestyle with no time for a good scrub. Using it daily helps smoothen, soften, and moisturizes the skin without damaging the skin.
By Paploy77
More : https://www.jeban.com/topic/322237

I’m in love with everything from the cute packaging, peach scent after the shower, light and gentle scrub, and my moisturized skin after using the soap. I love it all.
By รีวิวเว่อ review
More : https://www.cosmenet.in.th/community/35/44756?fbclid=IwAR0Z2feQxhzAKGUKTPhMZbBO001sReRN-rKnkTXaJWmtiPC9TdTyMwWtyd0

#Nami Peach Soap with apricot scrub beads and light peach scent that gently scrubs the skin. I instantly feel my elbows brighten, smoothen, and moisturize.
By @nnzniiniwz
More : https://twitter.com/nnzniiniwz/status/1378229627533942784?s=20

The soap has a nice scent. In addition, the scrub is very gentle and cleans very well, resulting in a smoother, softer, and moisturized skin.
By beebinblog
More : https://www.jeban.com/topic/321652

The soap bubble is very soft and fine. The soap texture is not too soft and the beads are excellent for scrubbing rough skin. I love using it with my back, removing the small back ances.
By Melanie Greis
More : https://www.jeban.com/topic/322687

The soap bubble is soft with a nice scent. I can use it with my butt, armpits, groins, elbows, knees, and my body, an all in one soap. After using it, I can feel my skin becoming very soft. Highly recommended.
By Patpat ra
More : https://www.jeban.com/topic/322331

The soap scent lingers on my skin. After using this peach soap, I can feel my skin is moisturized and soft.
By Violenze_DeZeM
More : https://www.cosmenet.in.th/community/35/44817

I love that there’s a lot of scrub beads. After using it for 6-7 times, I feel my skin is improving. My knees are soft and smooth, a great product.
By @9nine0625
More : https://twitter.com/9nine0625/status/1387028032024571905?s=20

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