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Latest super-matte puff powder AABB cream innovation, concealing every skin problems.

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This is a foundation that turns to matte finish after applying. Use a puff to help apply for a smooth skin. Provides good coverage. The moose is easy to spread, helps control excessive oil, and light texture. A great product for 49 baht only.
By  parkropreview
Cr.  #พักรบรีวิว นามิปังไม่หยุด!! ล่าสุดออก”มูสแป้งซับมัน AABB”

Anyone with undertone yellow skin tone would love this product. Matte and silky texture, easy to spread, helps with fading pores and provides good coverage. Long lasting and helps control excessive oil during the day.
By  kwannawkk
Cr.  Nami ออก AABB มาใหม่เป็น #มูสแป้งซับมัน

One of the best makeup products in 7-11 #moose powder with oil control. It is an AA and BB in one product. I’m impressed with the finish look. Good coverage and easy to spread, very light texture.
By  ladypichaam
Cr.  เมคอัพในเซเว่นเป็นเริสมากๆ #มูสแป้งซับมัน

My facial skin was quite oily before applying this product. After applying, my skin is bright and smooth. After the moose powder settles in, it feels just like using facial powder. Not too oily and very light texture. The product fits my skin nicely
By Zeibab
Cr.  ลองของออกใหม่ในเซเว่น มูสแป้งซับมัน Nami Make Up Pro Studio AABB Super Matte Mousse

After applying it feels like I applied facial powder. It spreads more easily than I thought. Medium coverage but fades pores well. It gives a matte finish but still looks natural. Fits anyone who likes a short makeup session as you can just apply this product and your facial skin is good to go in one step.
By Soundtiss ST
Cr.  แต่งหน้าลุค ส้มหยุด แต่เราไม่หยุด!! ฉันจะไม่ยอมหยุดแต่งหน้าส้มเพื่อคุณหรอกค่ะ

After applying the product for a whole day, the moose powder fits perfectly with my skin. It gives a glowing look but not too much, which is very nice. Looks very natural.
By nutties11311
Cr. มูสแป้งซับมัน AABB Nami แมตต์ขั้นสุด เอาอยู่มั้ย????

My skin feels very light and comfortable after applying. Provides medium coverage. I also feel that it helps fade pores. The product also contains nourishing ingredients such as collagen and glutathione that helps brighten and smoothen the skin. Good product at an affordable price.
By Wonderpeach
Cr.  แบรนด์ไทย ไอเลิฟ EP.5 Everyday Look สดใส มีแต่ของราคาน่ารัก |Wonderpeach

After applying the product, the finish result is as if I have applied BB cream and facial powder. During the day I feel that the moose powder is well absorbed and beautifies my facial skin, which is very impressive. I love it.
By Amy Kitiya
cr.  แกะรีวิว! มูสแป้งซับมัน NAMI ในเซเว่น คือแบบ…ดีเกินราคา!!

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