KBC90 Nami Make Up Pro White Peach DD Cream

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Special formula DD Cream that helps nourishes your skin and act as a sunscreen in one step. With a mixture of white peach from Korea, Glutathione, alpha Arbutin, and concentrated Vitamin B3, the cream helps revitalize and brighten the skin naturally. The peach fragrance cream will instantly change into mineral droplets when apply.

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  • Soft and light cream, easy to apply and leave no splotches.
  • Oil control, waterproof, and sweat-proof.
  • Conceal pores, leaving a smooth and even look.
  • Instantly brightens your skin tone.
  • Protects your skin from UVA & UVB rays.
  • Applicable to all skin tone


The advantage of this product is that it helps brighten my skin tone, gives a natural healthy looking skin base, perfect for the everyday look. For days that I want to go for the Korean style makeup, I will apply this as a base before applying foundation.
By  minniedaybook
Cr.  🍑🍑รีวิว ดีดี พีช ครีมซองสุดคิ้วท์ในเซเว่น 🍑🍑

The product is a nourishing cream with sunscreen, a 2 in 1 product. Saves a lot of time applying makeup, brightens and smoothens my skin tone.
By  Cinsq
Cr.  ดีหรือบ้ง!!! DD แบบซองตัวใหม่ในเซเว่น

After applying to my facial skin, I can instantly see that it brightens and smoothens my skin while providing medium coverage. I can still see some faded acne scars, but overall it gives off a natural look.
By  chubby diary th
Cr.  รีวิว ดีดีครีมพีช🍑 ตัวใหม่ในเซเว่น NAMI MADE UP PRO WHITE PEACH DD CREAM น่ารัก น่าใช้!!

I love this product as I still feel very comfortable with my skin after applying. I applied just a thin layer but it still offers full coverage, helps brighten my facial skin, and is suitable for all skin types and skin tone. Highly recommended.
By  underfaahh
Cr.  ถูกและดีในเซเว่น 7-11 |underfaahh

Easy to spread and feels comfortable on my skin. Also fits darker skin tone and helps brighten the skin. Recommended for students that are looking for a nourishing makeup base cream with sunscreen.
By  Knack Chira
Cr.  [รีวิวเซเว่น] Nami DD Cream ผิวเข้มรอดไม่รอด? | Knack Chira

The best thing about this product is its sun protection and nourishing properties, easy to spread, and light texture that instantly turns to water base when applied. Perfect for every look or apply together with BB CC cream.
By  Brinkkty
Cr.  รีวิวรองพื้นใน 7-11 หลายตัว AA BB CC DD ตัวไหนดีละ?! 🤣 |Brinkkty

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