KBC104-2 – By mukimukiee

Provides better coverage than its previous formula. My skin still feels very comfortable after applying as the texture is very light. For users who’s afraid that the matte texture would be too dry, I must say that this matte texture still protects the moisturized skin. By mukimukiee Cr.  NAMI BB wet to Powder สูตรใหม่ ปังกว่าเดิม

KBC104-2 – By Paploy77

Great coverage for both shades, the product coverages all skin problems and giving a matte and smooth look while not looking too dry. I give 10/10 for its awesome oil control property. By Paploy77 Cr.  BB NAMI ซองดำสูตรใหม่…มีเฉดสีสำหรับสาวผิวแทนแล้วนะ

KBC104-2 – By sudatipk

It’s a BB cream that instantly turns to matte texture when applied, no sticky texture, and provides great coverage, fading all acne scars, black spots, and pores. By sudatipk Cr.  เทียบชัดๆของถูกและดีใน 7-11 ระหว่าง BB ซองดำ กับ CC ซองขาว

KBC104-2 – By fangctmmm

This product can replace both foundation and concealer, very convenient and I don’t need to carry around a lot of products anymore. This product offers a matte texture while still moisturizes the skin. My face doesn’t feel dry after applying the product. By fangctmmm Cr.  Review: BB นามิ ซองดำ สูตรใหม่ดีกว่าเดิมยังไงน๊า…..

KBC104-2 – By Patpat ra

My skin has pimples and acne scars but using just this product I don’t need to use concealer anymore. It’s also great for covering acne marks too. By Patpat ra Cr.  รีวิวเปรียบเทียบระหว่าง BB และ C

KBC104-2 – By Prink Praw

I choose BB puff cream as it’s easy to buy and convenient to carry around. It also saves time in doing my makeup as using only this one product is enough. With just this product, my skin is already smooth and even. By Prink Praw Cr.  How to แต่งหน้าปังๆด้วยเครื่องสำอางน้อยชิ้น

KBC104-2 – By Bus Go Bogus

It’s a really good product and perfect match for our skin. What I like most is the pigment that gives the same look and feel like a foundation, provides good coverage, and long lasting with oil control, water-proof and sweat-proof properties that suits our climate well. By Bus Go Bogus Cr.  [How to] แต่งหน้าด้วย ลดสิวด้วย …

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