KBC109 – By Sopacha Pattamaprapanon

After spraying daily, I can see that the acne faded without leaving any scars. It also nourishes the skin and controls excessive oil, while tightens the pores for a smooth skin. By  Sopacha Pattamaprapanon Cr.  แค่ฉีดสิวก็หายสเปร์ยนามิ

KBC109 – By KoryaTelling

I really like this product. I don’t feel any irritation after spraying on my facial skin. I feel very refreshed. All the acne faded, my skin smoothen, and acne scars faded. It also helps control excessive oil during the day. By KoryaTelling Cr.  สิวที่หลังหายไป สิวที่หน้าไม่เหลือ ดูแลสิวเรื่องชิล ชิล สเปรย์ฉีดสิวนามิ

KBC109 – By @JammyRaksa

The packaging is very convenient and easy to use. Just spray on facial skin regularly every morning and evening. It’s very refreshing and soothes acne prone skin, helps with oil control, and tightens pores. By @JammyRaksa Cr.  สะดุดตามากกับสเปรย์ฉีดสิว ตัวใหม่

KBC109 – By Cher’ry Lalisa

I usually have many pimples and inflamed acne on my forehead. After using this product for around a week, the pimples and inflamed acne are starting to fade to just red spots. After two week, both acne and red spots have faded completely. By  Cher’ry Lalisa Cr.  ช่วยด้วย! สิวบุกใช้ไอเท็มอะไรดี?

KBC109 – ฺBy Pure Swan

This product can help control excess oil. I like to use it when my skin is extra sensitive or before my period starts. This product can help a lot. I feel that this spray is a very interesting product and perfect for acne prone skin. ฺBy Pure Swan Cr.  รวมไอเทมออกใหม่น่าซื้อปี 2020 ราคานักศึกษา ถูกและดี ! l …

KBC109 – ฺBy Pure Swan ดูเพิ่มเติม >

KBC109 – By @Pruris

The product is filled with active ingredients that help reduce acne inflammations, control excessive oil, and heal acne wounds. Very easy to use and convenient to carry around. The spray has a light fragrance from tree tea oil. By  @Pruris Cr.  ใหม่ล่าสุดกับ #สเปรย์ฉีดสิวนามิ

KBC109 – By faii chada

The packaging is very cute and convenient. Highly recommended for anyone with enlarged pores or dark spots. The spray doesn’t leave any sticky feeling and absorbs quickly. The pricing is also very reasonable. By  faii chada Cr.  update ของน่าใช้ในเซเว่น (ดือทุกตัวจ้า ถูกและดี !) l faiichada 🎁💚

KBC109 – By ChubbydiaryTH

I have used over half of the bottle and I love it. It is also convenient to carry around for daily use as the packaging is light and small. By ChubbydiaryTH Cr.  รวมบิวตี้ไอเทมออกใหม่น่าซื้อ ส่งท้ายปี 2020 มันว๊าวมากกกก😍😍😍

KBC109 – By C_ ROT

I feel that this product can really help reduce acne. For those who are too lazy to use cream or serum, this is the product for you as it is very easy to apply by just spraying like any mineral water spray. By  C_ ROT Cr.  C_ROT || รวบรวมไอเทมออกใหม่ที่ต้องซื้อในปี 2020 มีทั้งskincare และ makeup💄เป็นไอเทมชอบทั้งนั้นเลย😳

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