KBC83 – By MadamMori

I have tried many skin care products, and this is one of the best. Whomever needs a brightening product this is the one that you cannot miss. It’s not oily and helps reduce red acnes spots while moisturizing your skin. By MadamMori Cr.  ผิวใส ฉ่ำ ไม่หมองคล้ำ กับเจลส้มนามิที่ 7-11

KBC83 – By Sandsann

I apply this product to the dark circles under my eyes and dark spots on my body and elbows. I have been using it for around 2 weeks and the dark spots are fading, resulting in a brighter and tighter moisturized skin. By Sandsann Cr.  บำรุงผิวใสเร่งด่วนแบบง่ายๆสไตล์ For Home กับ Nami I’m Fresh

KBC83 – By zvhcroanot

I have been using Nami orange gel every morning and evening. The more I use the product, the better and more moisturized my skin become. Most importantly, this product does not contain any perfume, paraben, or silicon. Applying it everyday helps add moisture to my skin. By zvhcroanot Cr. ตัวช่วยกู้หน้าโทรมให้เป็นหน้าใส ด้วยงบหลักสิบในเซเว่นอิเลฟเว่น

KBC83 – By plapodd Actor of GMM Channnel

Many has asked me which skin care I use for such a bright facial skin. The answer is this product, Nami Vitamin C Orange Gel. From a tiredness skin due to lack of sleep, my skin is in much better condition after using this product. By plapodd Actor of GMM Channel Cr.  IG:plapodd

KBC83 – By fr.racha Actor of GMM Channel

As the packaging is quite large, I use it to apply to my face and body. My skin is very dry but after using this product for a while, I can see that my skin has become moisturized, soft, and smooth. By fr.racha Actor of GMM Channel Cr.  IG:fr.racha

KBC83 – By toptap_jirakit Actor of GMM Channel

I name this product as one of the best and inexpensive skincare. It helps moisturize and brighten the skin. Comes in a large package so we can use it for the face and body. The gel is fast absorbing and not sticky, great quality. By toptap_jirakit Actor of GMM Channel Cr. IG:toptap_jirakit

KBC83 – By ciize channel Beauty Blogger

I usually refrigerate Nami orange gel before applying for a refreshing feel. By ciize channel Beauty Blogger Cr.  มือใหม่หัดแต่ง แต่งหน้าเบาๆ natural look ธรรมชาติกว่านี้ก็ต้นไม้ ใบหญ้าแล้ว🍃 | Ciize

KBC83 – By khwankhong Beauty Blogger

The product is quite fast absorbing and not sticky, leaving a very comfortable and relaxing feel. For me, this gel moisturizes my skin well and helps fade dark spots quickly. By  khwankhong Beauty Blogger Cr.  ตัวช่วยลดรอยสิว หลังสิวบุก ราคาเบาๆ

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