Top 5! Sweatproof and oil-control cushion under 200 baht

“Nami Makeup Pro Matte HD Cushion” has been in the market in a sachet package for a long time. But now, Nami has launched its sunproof nourishing foundation cushion in a powder case. As we all know, every Nami products give great results no matter if it’s the AA, BB, or CC, as well as the “Nami Makeup Pro Matte HD Cushion” that also give impressive results. 

The lightweight cushion helps with oil-control, high coverage, leaves no stains, long lasting, sweatproof, and waterproof. It really helps save a lot of time in applying foundation. 

Shade: Undertone yellow that matches every skin tone

Feeling after apply: Hides dark and red spots, lightweight, but great oil and sweat control

Price: 169 baht

Size: 7 g

Where to buy: 7-11 or other Nami’s distribution channels

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