Product tryout!! Yes or mess?? First time with NAMI HD Cushion, oil control matte cushion.

Nami Matte HD Cushion is a SPF35 PA++ matte cushion sold in 7-11 for 169 baht.  
The brand claims that it’s sweatproof, keeps excess sebum under control and help makeups last longer.

After trying, its covers the blemishes and imperfections pretty well and have a light feel on skin.

The cushion texture is similar to BB cream and the shade is undertone yellow, not too bright. Good match for average skin tone, from yellow to darker skin.

The shade matches my skin tone and hides dark spots and acne scars. Overall, it keeps excess sebum under control pretty well and it’s long lasting. Great qualities!

สั่งซื้อ Nami Matte HD Cushion

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