Review : Nami I’m Fresh Aloe-Lemon Brightening Gel

The latest innovation, 99.5% cold pressed aloe perfectly retains all its natural freshness. The aloe directly rejuvenates your damaged skin, restoring the smooth, soft, hydrated glow to your skin. It also heals sun-damaged skin, reduce dark spots, red spots, and acne scars. Together with concentrated lemon extract, vitamin B3, and alpha arbutin, the gel will softly remove old skin cells and brightens your complexion and tighten pores for a natural smooth and clear skin.

Applicable to all skin type including sensitive skin,
Because it’s alcohol-free, paraben-free, and silicone-free.

Size : 30 g
Price : 49 Baht

Texture : Clear gel with a mixture of yellow beads that break down easily when spreading and gives off an aromatic smell.

You can immediately feel your skin moisturized, hydrated, and cool even without refrigerating the gel. It’s really refreshing after applying the gel. It’s also fast absorbing and leaves no greasy feeling, perfect match for the summer season.

You can even use it in 8 different ways, or the 8 in 1 gel!

> 1) Apply in the morning and night for cooling freshness
> 2) Apply around the eye to reduce dark circles
> 3) Refrigerate and mask to restore and hydrate your skin
> 4) Apply to acnes for skin brightening
> 5) Apply to sun-damaged skin
> 6) Apply to hands and nails for a healthy look
> 7) Apply after hair removal or wax
> 8) Apply to dry spots such as elbows or joints

For me, I love applying it around my eyes.

And even better if the gel is right out from my refrigerator.

It’s real great, especially after a long working day when I’m really tired.

Just slightly squeeze the NAMI : I’m Fresh Aloe – Lemon Brightening Gel,

And apply it around my eyes, especially around the under eye area, it’s immediately refreshing!

Strongly recommend for those who have never tried this, it’s awesome!

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